This article provides some basic tips to help you find, download, and install Zend Server for IBM i.

This article only applies to older versions 2019 and earlier

This article only applies to versions of Zend Server that are installed as Licensed Programs, which includes versions 2019 and earlier.  To install the latest version of Zend Server, which is distributed as an RPM, please see the instructions in the manual: Installing Zend Server for IBM i


Any supported release of IBM i that does not have Zend Server installed, or has an earlier version that requires Migration rather than Upgrade to the new version, such as Zend Server 5 (Version 5 customers can learn more about the migration process here:  Upgrade (Migrate) Zend Server for IBM i version 5 to a later version 

Note: It is OK to download the Free Trial for long term use.

Sometimes customers ask if there is a special "Free Trial" download, and some other version of  Zend Server for IBM i to download for long term use.  This is not the case.  The features enabled depend on the license applied to the software.  The "Free Trial" is a limited time license that enables all of the Enterprise features.  After this license is expired, you can choose from several licensing options.

The Zend Server for IBM i installer can be downloaded here:

Download Zend Server for IBM i

You may be prompted to enter some information and wait for an email confirmation, which will contain a download link.

Once on the download page, select the IBM i platform, and choose the installer for the version of PHP that is desired.  (For first time installations, or for migrations from Zend Server 5, the "upgrade from" installers found in the Additional Downloads section should not be used. These installers are for upgrades only).

Installation instructions are included in the downloaded package.  Unzip the download file and find the Installation_Instructions_for_IBM_i.txt file. 

For some helpful tips to help make sure your installation is a success, please check our installation troubleshooter:

Zend Server for IBM i Installation Troubleshooter

After installing Zend Server for IBM i, please return to the download page:

Download Zend Server for IBM i

Note: Please try this procedure to bypass the form to access the updates.

To download Zend Server and Zend Server updates, please go to and click the My Account link at the top of most pages.  If you are not already logged in, there are some options on the page.  Please use the one that says "IBMi Login" under the "MyZend Account" heading.  Login with your Zend login credentials.  Under the Account Summary tab, in the list headed "Downloads:", find the "Zend IBMi Server" link.  Click it to access the downloads page. 

If there are any Hotfix updates, please download and apply them.  Please choose updates for the version of Zend Server and of PHP in use.  Each update will include instructions for installation.