Applies to:

Zend Server 8

Z-Ray feature


You might be running into a situation where Z-Ray is slowing down a specific PHP script or Framework / Application.

In this case, you can check how PHP call works without Z-Ray, or specifically disable tracing options in Z-Ray configuration if you do not wish to disable Z-Ray globally.

There is also an option a specific Zend Server (Z-Ray) extension module (zray.php) is slowing down the entire PHP call because of a bug or external dependency.


1. When Debugging is possible:

You can fix the Z-Ray extension based on checking the Z-Ray data collected and identifying the PHP flow which is slowing down or producing errors

2. When you cannot debug right now:

You can disable Z-Ray extension completely (in this Zend Server version, it can only be done by removing the zray.php from the installation path "/usr/local/zend/var/zray/extensions/<EXTENSION_NAME>/zray.php)

Another option is to disable traces in Z-Ray configuration, namely Function Tracing, which will reduce the functionality of Z-Ray but still allow some data until the Z-Ray extension can be debugged.

3. Blacklising PHP scripts through API call

You can add API call to blacklist specific scripts:

zray_disable() - This will disable the frontend Z-Ray bar from being injected into the PHP output for any script using this API call in the beginning / bootstrap.

zray_disable(TRUE) - this will disable both Z-Ray frontend bar and backend Data Collection and scripts, for any buggy extension or when you are not sure if the problem is with Z-Ray or not.

For further questions and reports on Z-Ray issues, please open a support ticket with all details.

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