To submit your Community Checkers & Taxonomies, complete the following steps:

  • Package your submission of content – custom taxonomies, Sources (XMLs, Checker Code, Help, etc.) and zip it up for delivery.

  • Open a Support ticket. Be sure to fill out the support ticket with the following information:
    • Title the Summary “Klocwork Community Submission – your name and/or your company name”
    • Leave a description of the contents of your submission. For example: “Included is 4 custom KAST checkers covering CERT C rules PRE30-C, EXP34-C, STR32-C, ARR37-C”
    • Product Family: Klocwork
    • Product: Klocwork
    • Component: Leave this section blank
    • Product Version: This section is optional
    • Case Type: Enhancement
    • Severity: This section is optional
    • System is Down: Leave this section blank
    • Attachment: Please include your archived package here.

  • Submit your Community Checker.

After our team receives your submission, it will be reviewed for inclusion in the product. If your submission is added to the Klocwork Community, you will see details in our release notes.

Thank you. And, if you have any issues with the submission and need help, please visit our Support FAQ or contact

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