An error or other issue occurs that may be related to the ZENDSVR6 or ZENDPHP7 Apache instance on the IBM i.  This article tells how to share the Apache logs with Zend Support.


Zend Server for IBM i Version 6 or higher running on any supported IBM i version.


To further research your Support issue, we would like to examine your Apache log files. The best way to isolate the issue in the logs is to stop Apache, delete or rename the existing log files (listed below), and then start Apache.

Please end your browser to clear any cache (just close the window your browser is in). Then start your browser and do the operation that creates the error condition, make sure the error happens, and immediately after that save a copy of the logs.  Use iSeries Navigator, the RSE in Zend Studio, or some other ftp or sftp client to transfer the files to a folder on your PC. Then, zip the folder containing the log files, and attach the folder to the ShareFile link.

The Apache logs are in the following locations:

Zend Server version 9.x and higher


Zend Server version 6.x - 8.5.x


The Apache logs contain the date as part of the file name. Please find the most recent logs. As an example, if the logs are for 04/25/2013, the files will be:



If you stopped and started Apache, the last two digits may not be '00'. They increment by one each time Apache is restarted on the same day. Please send the files with the highest ending digits.