The XMLSERVICE will not work at all.  Scripts trying to run XML Toolkit commands will not return anything.  


Older versions of the XMLSERVICE running on any version of IBM i.  Usually not seen with Zend Server 6 or higher, because these versions ship with newer versions of XMLSERVICE.


Clear the IPC attributes for QTMHHTTP and any other user profiles that may have used the XML Toolkit previously. This will require stopping the ZENDSVR instance of Apache while the procedure is done, so should be scheduled for a time when the web site can be down.

From the 5250 command line:



In the Work with Active jobs Display, make sure all jobs named ZENDSVR no longer appear. If some are still there, use F5 a few times to see if they will eventually end on their own. If any persist after a couple of minutes, force them to end manually.

Now, go into the PASE shell:


Enter this command to clear the IPC attributes for QTMHHTTP:

ipcs | grep -i qtm | awk '{print "ipcrm -" tolower($1) " "$2}' | sh

Enter additional commands for any other users that connected to the toolkit. For example, if you had users MYID1 and MYID2 using the toolkit, run these commands:

ipcs | grep -i myid1 | awk '{print "ipcrm -" tolower($1) " "$2}' | sh 

ipcs | grep -i myid2 | awk '{print "ipcrm -" tolower($1) " "$2}' | sh

These commands are all identical, except for the user profile. After running the command for each user profile, use F3 to return to the 5250 command line. Then, to start the ZENDSVR instance of Apache: