Messages that start with 'ZSRV_MSG' appear in the Apache error log for the Zend Server instance of Apache.  We often receive inquiries about the meanings of these messages from customers who believe these messages are Zend messages. 


Any version of Zend Server for IBM i running on any supported version of IBM i.


Please note that messages in the format ZSRV_MSGxxxx are not Zend Server messages. Although the 'ZSRV' part sounds like something associated with Zend Server, this is actually a coincidence. Zend Server uses the abbreviation 'ZSVR' (the 'V' comes before the 'R'). The ZSRV_MSGxxxx messages are in fact IBM messages related to the Apache server (IBM HTTP Server). This message format was in use long before Zend had any product on the IBM i.

This is not to say that these messages should not be mentioned when placing a case with Zend Support, as they may be relevant to an Apache error condition that affects the operation of Zend Server for IBM i.  This is just to say that these messages do not originate from within Zend software, and we may need to confer with IBM Support for the IBM HTTP Server product to learn more about the meaning of a message in this format.