Installing version 7 or higher of Zend Server for IBM i, and looking at documentation, the Licensed Program name is 6ZSVRPI, the library is ZENDSVR6, and the directory names are /zendsvr6.  Also, the installation save file is zsvrsavf6.  Shouldn't these all have a '7' or higher in the name instead of a '6'?    


Zend Server for IBM i version 7 or higher on any version of IBM i.


For Zend Server 7 and later, we did not make a new licensed program. It is an upgrade to 6ZSVRPI, the Licensed Program that was introduced with version 6. It is OK for the '6' to be there. The library will still be ZENDSVR6, and the directories will still be /usr/local/zendsvr6 and /www/zendsvr6.  The Apache jobs running in the QHTTPSVR subsystem will still be named ZENDSVR6, and the default port assignments of 10080 for applications and 10081 for the User Interface remain unchanged.

When we went from version 5 to version 6, the versions were so different that version 6 was distributed as a different licensed program, with new names for the library and directories. We added a '6' to the library and directory names, and named the new Licensed Program 6ZSVRPI to distinguish these things from version 5.

Versions 7 and higher are similar enough to version 6 that we did not need to create a new Licensed Program or use different directories. So, while the '6' is still there in all of the naming, these names are valid for version 7 or higher. This can be a little confusing at first. After the installation of version 7 or higher, you will see that Licensed Program 6ZSVRPI is upgraded to the higher version.

From the command line:

go licpgm

Page down to find the listing for 6ZSVRPI. The description will indicate the correct version:

6ZSVRPI *INSTALLED Zend Server for IBM i 8.0.2 ( PHP 5.6 )