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Zend Server on Linux

While connection to the internet is not needed during the Zend Server installation on Windows and Mac OS, it's required on Linux, because the packages are downloaded directly from Zend's repositories. However, there is a procedure to clone the desired repository locally, and later install Zend Server while offline.


Connection to the internet is required to clone the repository.


1. Delete (or rename) the existing Zend Server repository file if it exists.

2. Download the script from the following repository:

3. Make the script executable and run it using:



4. Choose the Zend Server version according to the operating system from the menu.

For example, for Zend Server 2019.0 on CentOS, type 120 and press Enter.

5. Follow any further instructions presented during the procedure.

After the process is complete and the repository is configured, refer to the "Manually Installing Zend Server" section of the following documents, depending on the operating system:


In the above links, replace <VERSION> with the Zend Server release, e.g. 2019.0, 2018.0, 9.1, etc.

Install the desired Zend Server release using the appropriate command, found in the above documents.

For example, for Zend Server 2018.0 with Nginx on Ubuntu, use:

aptitude install zend-server-nginx-php-7.2

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