Applies to:

Zend Server 9.1 upgrade from 9.0
Masking is applied for Monitor and Z-Ray components


When migrating from Zend Server 9.0 to 9.1, there are a set of security related directives which have been migrated from individual troubleshooting components to global context. The new directives are controlled by a new menu item / feature called "Data Masking", which you can reach in the Zend Server Admin UI under "Security -> Privacy" menu.



To re-configure the directives in Zend Server, open the "Security -> Privacy" page, and check the mapping below:

zray.enable_attribute_masking -> this On / Off flag migrated to global On / Off Data Masking flag.

zray.attribute_masking_list -> now set via "Masked Identifiers/Keys" tab.

zend_monitor.security_black_list  -> now set via "Masked Identifiers/Keys" tab.

zend_monitor.super_globals_to_secure -> dropped - this functionality is no longer supported. You can individually set keys under Global Arrays via the "Masked Identifiers/Keys" tab.


Zend Server Online Help - Security -> Privacy Page

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