If the PTF is damaged, it can be impossible to remove it using the RMVPTF command. This can happen when a Zend Server update PTF is damaged, but the method to remove it applies to any damaged PTF.

DLTPTF will not help with this.

The DLTPTF command does not uninstall the PTF.  It just removes the PTF save file and cover letter to save space.  DLTPTF will throw an error about missing cover letter if used with a Zend Server update PTF.  This is fine, since the update PTFs do not use cover letters.


Any version of IBM i OS.


If the PTF status is damaged, you need to reload it to remove it.  Use LODPTF to load the PTF.  Then, RMVPTF with the RMV(*PERM) parameter.  This will usually work.  If not, try the next step.

This step requires Access for Windows

This procedure works with the old Access for Windows Navigator client.  If you no longer use it and do not have it available, please check with IBM support to see if this can be done with the new browser based Navigator.

It may be possible to uninstall the damaged PTF using the old Navigator client included in Access for Windows . Please try this:

  1. Launch Navigator (the standalone desktop client; we have not tried this with the web based Navigator).

  2. Expand Management Central.

  3. Expand Endpoint Systems.

  4. Expand the entry for the affected system or partition.

  5. Expand Configuration and Service

  6. Expand Fixes Inventory - If prompted, run the Collect Inventory Now task.

  7. Click All Fixes, or the product your PTF applies to 7PHPZND for Zend Server 9.1 and higher (6zsvrpiZSVRPI for Zend Server 6, 7, or 8).

  8. Find the damaged PTF you want to remove. Verify the status is 'Available'.

  9. If the PTF status is not 'Available', try right clicking the PTF and selecting 'Advanced' -> 'Cancel Actions'.

  10. If the status is 'Available', right click the PTF and select 'Advanced' -> 'Uninstall'

  11. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstall.

If this process does not help you get rid of the damaged PTF, please try a Clean Install, which is the process of removing and reinstalling the Licensed Program:

Perform a clean install of Zend Server for IBM i - Zend Server 8.5.x, Zend Server 2018.x and Zend Server 2019.x

Removing the Licensed Program should remove the damaged PTF.