These Maintenance and Support policies apply to Rogue Wave Software, Inc. (“Rogue Wave”) products, collectively or individually referred to as Product or Products. These Maintenance and Support policies are subject to change at Rogue Wave’s discretion; provided however, that material changes shall not take effect for supported licensees until the renewal of their Maintenance and Support period. Technical Support is provided by Rogue Wave’s Technical Support department (RWTS). Product licensees without current Maintenance and Support do not receive product Updates, Upgrades, maintenance releases, patches, product downloads for reinstallation, media replacements, telephone, e-mail or web-based assistance, or any other Rogue Wave Maintenance and Support services for those Products.

Contents Include:
  • Scope of Standard and Extended Support
  • Escalation of Support Requests
  • Terms of Maintenance and Support
  • Target Resolution Response Times
  • Severity Level Definitions

To read the entire Rogue Wave Maintenance and Support Policy click on the icon below,  If you have any questions regarding our support programs or policies, please contact us at [email protected].