How do I register?

Registration is required on the Support Center for downloads, support requests and full access to the knowledge base. 

Registration is a two-step process:

  1. Go to, enter your company email address, you will receive an email with a private link to register on our support system 

2.  Enter your Email, Password, and Full Name to Sign Up

3. Click the link to Complete full support registration.

4. Enter your Rogue Wave account number, phone number and the country you work from.

5. Click Create. You are successfully registered on the Support Center!

6. In the resulting Activity record, use the links to create a support request, search for product knowledge or download Rogue Wave product.

Where do I find my Rogue Wave account number?

Your account number was included in the welcome letter sent at the time you purchased your Rogue Wave product. Generally, this letter is sent to the primary contact for your organization. Often that person is your company procurement or purchasing agent. Please contact them for the account number or contact [email protected]

I completed step 1 of the registration but had to leave. How can I complete the registration process?

Click here to complete registration:

Can I submit a support request through email? 

Yes, you can submit a request by sending email to [email protected]

Support requests submitted through email may be delayed in processing. 

Advantages of creating a support request through the Rogue Wave Support Center:

  • Quickly specify product and platform details related to your question.
  • Add large attachments directly to your request. Email may not permit some attachments due to size or file type.
  • Your sensitive data is handled securely in the Support Center.
  • Find answers to your questions in our knowledge base. No waiting.
  • See the status of your requests at any time.

All support requests created through email are assigned a Severity of Major.

  1. To expedite creation of your support request, please complete the two-part registration process on the Support Center prior to sending an email. You may still send an email without registration, but your request may be delayed while we verify your support eligibility.
  2. Please include the name of your product in the subject line of your email.
  3. Your email should include:
    1. your company name and Rogue Wave account number
    2. a detailed description of the problem
    3. product and version, you are using
    4. environment details (operating system and version, server, database, etc.)
  4. Send email to: [email protected]

Why do I have to log in twice?

There are two portions to the Rogue Wave Support Center; the library and JIRA Service Desk. They share a common username and password but you must login again the first time you switch between them.

Where are the attachments to my support request?

To comply with new security regulations in the handling of your sensitive data, Rogue Wave Support has changed how we exchange files with you. You can now attach your sensitive data to a support issue using ShareFile. ShareFile emails you a link to a secure, private upload area where you can exchange files with a support engineer. You must create a username and password for ShareFile that is different from your credentials for the Support Center. Your support engineer also has access to this private area and can download your files or add files for you to download. For complete instructions on how to use ShareFile with your support issue go here.

Can my colleagues view my support request? 

Yes, you can share your support request with others who register on the support center.

  1. While viewing your support request click the Share link on the right-hand menu.
  2. Enter the name or email address of the individual you are want to view this support request.

  3. From the menu, choose All requests to view requests you have created and those shared with you.

  4. You can also filter your view to see just requests you have created or just requests shared with you.

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