WordPress is available for deployment from the "Getting Started" page in the Zend Server for IBM i User Interface.  When the application is deployed, the deployment fails, and this message is displayed:

post_stage.php error: exited with status 1. .


Zend Server for IBM i version 8, running on any supported version of IBM i.


Note: Zend DBi MySQL is a prerequisite for the Word Press deployment

MySQL must be installed and you must know the root user password, or have a valid user and password to use for Word Press.  You can learn more about the installation of MySQL with Zend DBi here: Install MySQL using the Zend DBi installer with Zend Server

The current version of Word Press available for download from our servers is not compatible with the version of MySQL currently available on IBM i.  However, version 4.1 of Word Press can be deployed successfully.

Please find the Word Press 4.1 package attached to this article.  Download it and place it in any directory you like. 

In the Zend Server UI, please navigate to the Applications -> Manage Apps tab.  Use the Deploy Application button to begin the deployment, and browse in the wordpress-4.1.zpk file that you just downloaded. 

For the most part you can just follow the prompts, but be careful when you get to the User Parameters step.  You need to plug in the port to the site URL so it points to port 10080 (assuming you deployed to the default host).  If you miss this, the Word Press admin function won’t be able to find itself.  For example, if your ip was '' and you installed to directory 'wordpress', the site URL would look something like this:

You would add the port to make it look like this:

You will also need to provide a MySQL user and password to build and maintain the Word Press database.  This user and password must already exist in MySQL before performing the deployment.

Finally, you will need to supply a user and password for the Word Press administration UI.  Please make up any user name and password you like, and make note of it.  You will use this credential to log into the Word Press admin UI once the deployment has completed.