After an update, Apache fails to start up.  The ZFCGI job is started, but the php-cgi.bin job below it keeps crashing and restarting.

Note: If this happens when there has not been an update, it may be damaged shared memory:


Zend Server versions prior to Zend Server 2020.x or higher (versions 6 - 8.5x, 9.1.x, 2018,x or 2019.x), running on any supported version of IBM i.


This usually happens because the php-cgi.bin binary file is not updated successfully.  This causes an old version of PHP to attempt to load, which will cause the Apache child job to fail.

1 Stop any Zend Server jobs that are running using Option 2. End Zend Server from the ZSMENU.

2. Remove the update using the RMVPTF command as shown in the installation instructions that came in the installation package.

3. Once the update has been removed, with Zend Server still stopped, verify no jobs have a lock on php-cgi.bin:

Check for locks on PHP files prior to upgrading Zend Server for IBM i

4. After making sure there are no locks, reapply the update using the APYPTF command as shown in the instructions.