We recommend enabling the system's log rotation mechanism to rotate Zend Server logs, especially on production and heavy traffic servers. The procedure is described in the documentation - Log Rotation.

However, this requires disabling Zend Server's built-in log rotation - for all components. This can be a lengthy and error-prone task when done manually, especially when this needs to be done on several servers.


GNU / Linux

Zend Server 6.x, 7.x and 8.x


Download the file attached at the bottom of this page and run it on the server, providing the API key name and hash as parameters. A console example for this:

$ sudo ./ admin 3e59307a7d5e312f82317adb0871c05a87ab66c665b15fec13d11bbce1c3a99b


Internally the script uses the zs-manage command line utility.

To obtain the WebAPI key needed for this script, open your browser at


and use one of the Administrator level keys (usually 'admin').


The required WebAPI methods are not available in the Small Business edition of Zend Server.


At the end of execution the script restarts Zend Server, which means several seconds of down time.


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