This article tells how to install the Samples application in Zend Server for IBM i


Zend Server for IBM i 7.0.0, running on any supported version of IBM i.


Note: This procedure will restart Zend Server.

Please schedule this activity for a time when it is OK to have your site down for a couple of minutes.

Log in to the Zend Server User Interface, and navigate to the Overview -> Guide Page tab.  Click 'XML TOOLKIT', then click 'Install XML Toolkit application.

The Samples application will begin downloading.  When the download is complete, please click next.

The Readme displays.  Please read it and click next.

The Application Details will display.  The Display name and Virtual Host do not need to be changed.  The Virtual Host will be the Default Server address defined on the Administration -> Settings -> General tab.  For the path, enter a directory name that will appear in the URL for the application.  We will use 'samples'.  Notice the path is appended to the URL as you type.  Please click next to continue.

The License Agreement appears.  Please read it, click the check box that indicates you read it and agree, and click Next.

The Prerequisites Validation appears.  The message "php toolkit for ibmi i is deployed" appears.  Please click Next.

The User Parameters appear.  Please enter a User Profile and Password that is valid for the IBM i.  These credentials will be used by the Sample Application to connect to the IBM i.  We will use 'phpuser' in this example for the User ID.  Please use a valid user for your IBM i.  Click Next to continue.

The Deployment Summary will display.  Please review the information on this display to confirm your entries.  When you are ready, please click Deploy.

You will be taken to the Applications -> Apps tab.  Your application will appear in the table, and you can watch the deployment status under the messages column.

During this time, your server will be restarted.  When the deployment is complete the status will be "Deployed".  Congratulations!  You have installed the Samples application.

After the deployment completes, you can click on the ZendSamplesApp line in the table to expand the line and show more detail.  The Base URL will be an active link.  If you have entered a valid ip address for your Default Server, you can click this link to open the Samples app in a new tab in your browser.  (If you have not entered the Default Server ip, you can do it any time on the Administration -> Settings -> General tab.  Then come back to the Apps tab and it will be updated.)

When you click the link, a new tab opens in your browser to show the Samples application.

The screen shots in this article are from Zend Server 7.0.0.  The process is very similar for Zend Server 6, and will likely be similar in future versions.