The upgrade to Zend Server for IBM i version 8.5 or higher includes an upgrade to the ibm_db2 version 1.9.7.  This version changes the default settings for a couple of the ibm_db2 configuration directives.  One of these settings, ibm_db2.i5_override_ccsid, prevents the automatic correction of certain CCSID characters.  This can improve performance, but in some cases can cause international characters to be rendered incorrectly.  Messages indicating "can't convert from 1208 to 65535" may be seen.

Note: For more information on the directive changes in ibm_db2 1.9.7, please review this article:


Zend Server for IBM i 8.5 or higher upgraded from an earlier version, running on any supported version of IBM i.


Please locate this file:


Before making any changes to this file, please make a back up copy.

Edit the file and add this line:


Save the file and restart Apache for the change to take effect.  Please retry the affected script and verify that the international characters render correctly.

To see another setting that can also affect rendering of international characters, please review the following article:

Set CCSID and Language options for FastCGI and Apache on the IBM i