After upgrading Zend Server for IBM i to a version with Z-Ray, the Zend Server UI login page at port 10101 may show a Z-Ray toolbar displayed at the bottom of the page, and this may prevent the login dialogue from displaying correctly.  This article tells how to clear out the Z-Ray toolbar and allow the login to display.

For versions 9.1,x 2018.x and 2019.x

The UI login page will typically be at port 10091

For versions 6 - 8.5.x

The UI login page will typically be at port 10081


Zend Server 8 or later, on any supported version of IBM i.


Go to the Zend Server UI at http://<your ip>:10101 (for Zend Server 9.1.x, 2018.x and 2019.x or  http://<your ip>:10081, for Zend Server 6 - 8.5.x  http://<your ip>:10081).  If the login will not display and there is a Z-Ray toolbar displayed in the browser, please try the following procedure.

On the Z-Ray toolbar, there is a "Customize and control Z-Ray" menu icon represented by three horizontal bars, which will be familiar to users of some web browsers and smart phone apps. This icon is near the lower right corner, just to the right of the "Zend Server" logo. Please click it to open the menu.

On this menu, please select the option to "Close for session". This will cause the Z-Ray toolbar to close. Now, refresh the browser, and the login for the UI should be able to appear.

Please log into the UI and disable Z-Ray by going to Z-Ray -> Access Mode and selecting the "Disabled" option. Next, clicked the "Save and Restart Zend Server" button. Zend Server will restart with Z-Ray disabled. You now have the option to use the Enable or Selective mode, or leave Z-Ray disabled.