The customer attempts to enter the license, but the loading graphic just spins and the display never moves on the page acknowledging the license has been successfully applied.


Zend Server for IBM i version 6 or later, running on any version of IBM i.


This behavior may be seen for a few reasons.  Here are some things to check for.

(1) Zend Server requires a current version of your browser.  We often see this when the customer is using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.  Please try using Internet Explorer 10 or higher, or the latest updated version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  If you are using a higher version of Internet Explorer in compatibility mode, please try disabling compatibility mode.  Compatibility mode makes IE work like an older version (IE 8) to support older web sites.  Supported browsers are listed here:

Zend Server System Requirements

(2) The licensing process may take long enough for the PHP script to time out.  The graphic remains on the screen spinning because it is simply an animated graphic.  Please let it spin for two or three minutes, and then use the reload button in your browser.

(3) The Zend Server daemon may not be running and so cannot process the licensing request. Please verify it is running. From the command line:

For Zend Server 2020 and higher

wrkactjob sbs(zendphp74)

For Zend Server 9, 2018 and 2019

wrkactjob sbs(zendphp7)

For Zend Server  6 - 8.5:

wrkactjob sbs(zendsvr6)

Please verify you have these two jobs listed:


If they are not active please start them:

For Zend Server 2020 and higher

go zendphp74/zsdaemon

For Zend Server 9, 2018 and 2019:

go zendphp7/zsdaemon

For Zend Server 6 - 8.5:

go zendsvr6/zsdaemon

The ZS Daemon Management Menu will be displayed. Please use option '1. Start Zend Server Daemon'. Wait a couple of minutes, then check the subsystem again to verify that the ZSDAEMON jobs are running.

There is a problem in some versions of Zend Server for IBM i that can cause the Zend Server Daemon to not be flagged for start up. Please enter this command to make sure the Zend Server Daemon will start whenever the ZENDSVR6 subsystem is started:

This fix should only be used for Zend Server 6 - 8.5:


After starting the Server Daemon, please go back and try entering the license again.

(4) If the Zend Server Daemon is running but the license process does not complete, it may be an issue with the max_input_time directive.  This usually does not hang the licensing, but it is worth checking if the above steps do not help: 

Zend Server UI pages are partially blank on IBM i