Applies To: 

[ Zend Core 2..x ]
[ IBM i ]


The Delete Licensed Program (DLTLICPGM) command is used with the IBM i O/S to delete all the objects that make up the licensed program.
When a change is made to any of the LP objects, an object is added to a library or a directory that is stamped as a part of the LP/  The delete license program command may fail at times.   



To safely remove Zend Core from your system after Zend Server for IBM i has been installed, please verify that you are at version 2.6.1 of Zend Core for IBM i5/OS.  Please see this article for details: Safely uninstall Zend Core for IBM i5/OS when Zend Server for IBM i is installed

Perform a clean uninstall of Zend Core for i5/OS

  1. The Delete Licensed Program (DLTLICPGM) command, from an i5command line:
    • DLTLICPGM remove the product 1ZCORE5 from the system


Make sure the library ZENDCORE is not locked by any other job including yours, except for the ZEND subsystem jobs. (i5_COMD, ZC_STR_PRN, ZENDCOREAP) 

Complete these steps for a failed uninstall

  1. From a 5250 command line:
    1. ENDSBS ZEND    end the subsystem if active
    2. WRKLIB ZENDCORE   select option 12 to work with the librarY
    3. WRKOBJPDM LIB(ZENDCORE) OBJ(ZCOREI5)    identify the two objects:
      1. ZCORE *PRDDFN   Zend Software for IBM I5/OS
      2. ZCORE  *PRDLOD  Zend Core - product load
    4. Select option 4= delete - remove the product definition and product load.
    6. Remove or Rename the Zend products directories:  Usr/local/Zend & www/zendcore
  2. Rename the directories:
    • WRKLNK '/usr/local' and Select option 7 - rename the directory /Zend
    • WRKLNK '/www' and Select option 7 - rename the directory /zendcore
  3. Remove the directories:
    • CALL QP2TERM to start the PASE terminal shell
  4. From the terminal shell enter the commands:
    • rm -rf /usr/local/zend
    • rm -rf /www/zendcore
  5. You can use the following i5 commands include in a CLP as well to remove the product this step is the same as before to remove the directories:
    • QSYS/CD DIR(/)
    • QSYS/CALL PGM(QP2SHELL) PARM('/QOpenSys/usr/bin/ksh' 'rm -rf /usr/local/zend')
    • QSYS/CALL PGM(QP2SHELL) PARM('/QOpenSys/usr/bin/ksh' 'rm -rf /www/zendcore')